Cairo 360
October 04, 2021
"All in all, our experience was rather lovely, from the friendly and helpful staff to the exquisite selection of baked goods. Everything we tried was spot on; you can taste the quality ingredients and passion for baking in every bite."
The Local’s Guide to Egypt
November 20, 2020
"This little bakery run by a married couple (who are also the head chefs) has attracted such a buzz around their artisanal baked goods that we can’t promise their most popular items won’t be sold out if you go too late in the morning. They offer different types of fresh bread (white sourdough, whole wheat sourdough, cranberry & walnut sourdough, baguettes, seed bread, honey buns, pizza dough), pastries and what they call ‘good eats’ - things like mac n cheese, spinach artichoke dip and homemade peanut butter."

Le Petit Journal
June 23, 2020
On A Testé : Ratios, La Boulangerie Artisanale En Plein Cœur De Maadi

"Un jour, Samer et Jackie ont commencé à vendre du pain à leur entourage. Depuis, ils ne se sont jamais arrêtés et ont créé leur boulangerie Ratios. On y vient pour leurs pains au levain, mais pas que."

Egyptian Streets
April 9, 2021
"Another quick-rising crowd favorite, Ratios Bakery is an artisan sourdough bread and bakery located in Maadi. They offer a wide variety of freshly baked bread (ranging from EGP 40 to EGP 160) and pastries (ranging EGP 30 to EGP 120) that are as beautiful to see as they are delicious. Hearty and full of flavor, their diverse selection of offerings are what bakery dreams are made of."