About us

Our mission:
True sourdough. Decadent pastries. Honest and straightforward food—baking bread and building community.


Samer, head baker and co-founder of Ratios, began sourdough bread baking as a hobby (one might even say an obsession) after having traveled and sampled artisanal, old world-style bread in Europe and North America.

Ratios was launched as a small, personal endeavor, initially selling bread only to friends and through word-of-mouth in the Maadi community. Samer's wife and co-founder Jackie is the mind behind many of the sweet and savory recipes for Ratios, and draws inspiration from her New England roots and passion for food and all things sweet.


Like our slow-fermented bread, Ratios has grown slowly. Our recipes and items have been honed and helped by our friends and customers. Ratios in this sense is very much a collaboration of the community.

We have been gradually adding to our team and our product line to offer handcrafted, distinctive, and delicious bread & pastries.


flour + water + salt

“Ratios” refers to the foundation of any good bread. The balance of flour, water, and salt.

The magic happens in the details—quality, technique, tweaks, time, and process.

The simplicity of bread means that those details yield an almost endless variety. Changing up a flour, using a different type of salt, the air temperature, humidity or dryness, all affect the final result.

Truly good bread is crafted through experience, trial and error. By hand and eye, not a conveyor belt.

“Ratios” means we keep our recipes to the best and most basic, so the final product—whether it be bread or other—is real food. No additives, no preservatives, no flavorings, no enhancers, no chemicals.


Good bread takes time.

A 2-day long fermentation with our live, wild culture starter.

Long fermentation = better digestion, and a more robust and flavorful bread.

A blistered, crispy crust, soft open crumb with a bit of bite, and the balanced characteristic tang of sourdough.

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