In California, we tried all the famous San Fran sourdough, Oprah’s fav English muffins, and LA eateries. But here are the stand-out places of pastries and deliciousness that still make our taste buds tingle:

Our hands-down fav:

   Jane the Bakery in San Francisco

The only almond-chocolate croissant we’ve had to rival our own. It was all amazing, from the croissants to the bread to the sandwiches and to the enthusiastic service.

We also LOVED:

   Neighbor Bakehouse.

An early morning line of a 40-minute wait was worth it. The Everything croissant was outstanding.

   Wild Seed

And not bakery-related, because, alas, one may not live on croissants alone, is the 100% plant-based restaurant Wild Seed, proving that seasonal, local, and good-for-you-and-the-planet food is doable, sustainable, and delicious.

In LA: 


A French-inspired casual café and fine dining, another place often with a line but worth the wait. Of course there is sourdough bread and daily pastries. Our fav: cherry-pistachio croissant. 
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