“We believe in good honest food, and, more importantly, sharing and eating together. All of our products and recipes are based on food we have prepared for ourselves, friends, and family over the years.”

It all began at home in a little Dutch oven...

Samer, master baker and founder of Ratios, comes from a background of over 20 years in logistics and supply chain management. He began sourdough bread baking as a hobby in 2011 after traveling in Europe, and being unable to find the same kind of rustic and complexly flavored loaves in his native Egypt. 

(Jackie has not forgotten the years that her kitchen was covered in a dusting of flour from all the bread experiments.)

Co-founder and mind behind many of the sweet and savory recipes for Ratios, Jackie is a fitness and health enthusiast with a sweet tooth. Her fondness for desserts stems from the treats of her New England upbringing, but even more she appreciates cooking and baking delicious food for friends and family, and bringing a cozy, home feeling to Cairo.

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Ratios was launched as a small, personal endeavor, initially selling bread to friends and through word-of-mouth in the Maadi community. Samer has continued to study and perfect the process and craft of sourdough. We have since expanded and tweaked our recipes and techniques to give you the yummiest 😊 and highest standard products.

Together, we aim to bring traditional artisan bread to Cairo like that found in Europe, as well as sweet and savory treats inspired by food from our travels, family recipes, and food we miss from home in the U.S.


“Ratios” refers to the foundation of any recipe. A typical bread recipe is 5:3—5 parts flour to 3 parts liquid. 

The magic happens in the details—the quality of each ingredient, and the tweaks, techniques, tricks, and secrets in preparation, cooking, and baking. 

The simplicity of bread—flour, water, salt, and yeast—means that those details yield an almost endless variety. And, as anyone who has tried to bake bread knows, it is not easy! Changing up a flour, using a different type of salt, the air temperature and humidity or dryness, all can affect the final result. And sometimes, the dough is just moody, and wants to do its own thing.

Truly good bread is crafted through experience, and a lot of trial and error—by hand and eye, knowing the dough—not on a conveyor belt. 

“Ratios” means we keep our recipes to the best and most basic, so the final product—whether it be bread or other—is real food. No additives, no preservatives, no flavorings, no enhancers, no chemicals.